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eLawyer Services is a specialised law firm in the UK with expertise in mobile homes, park homes, and caravan sites. We represent and assist both residents and site operators.

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What is a park home?

How are park homes different to traditional properties?

A park home, unlike traditional bricks-and-mortar properties, is typically a self-contained house that can be moved in one or two sections. Legally, these homes fall under the category of ‘caravans,’ but their modern designs far surpass the traditional stereotype. Most park homes are professionally built with the intention of lasting for many years.

One crucial distinction when buying a mobile park home is that most are sold without ownership of the land they are situated on. This is significant because it’s generally not possible to register land ownership with the Land Registry to prove the right of occupation.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your purchase

As part of the agreement to reside on the land, residential park homes are issued with a contract, with a critical component being the “Written Statement.” While similar to a lease in some ways, it extends beyond that, outlining the occupier’s rights and is usually transferable to another person. Additionally, many sites have Park Rules, which supplement the Written Statement. These rules are legally required to be published by the local council on their website, allowing you to review them.

Before purchasing a mobile park home, it’s advisable to thoroughly understand the agreement. We strongly recommend refraining from paying a deposit until you have a clear understanding of your purchase, even though the temptation to secure the home quickly might be strong.

Buying a park home

Since park home transactions can happen rapidly, we recommend engaging our services as early as possible, even before making an offer. This way, we can organize all necessary paperwork and expedite the process.

We offer several fixed-price packages to assist you:

Bronze 🥉

£400 + VAT

We will review the documents provided by the vendor, including the Written Statement, Site Rules, and Site Licence, to identify any issues. We will provide you with a written report or verbal advice, as you prefer, and the necessary forms for completion and exchange. All direct communication with the vendor or site owner is handled by you. This package does not cover fund transfers for the purchase.

Silver 🥈

£600 + VAT

If you require assistance in managing the purchase process, we can handle it for you. We will liaise with the vendor and the site owner to obtain the necessary information and paperwork, serving it as appropriate. 

Gold 🥇

£800 + VAT

In cases where it’s prudent to conduct checks on the home, such as verifying planning permissions or investigating potential enforcement actions, we can perform basic inquiries with the local authority. 

(plus any expenses incurred on your behalf, such as search fees).

In cases of complex purchases, like leasehold arrangements, our fees start at £1,500 due to the increased complexity.

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Do I need a lawyer to buy or sell a park home?

While not mandatory, it is highly advisable to enlist the services of a lawyer when buying or selling a park home. The Leasehold Advisory Service, supported by the government, recommends using a lawyer for guidance during the purchase.

The government’s factsheet also strongly advises seeking professional assistance when completing a purchase. Given the significant investment and potential complexities involved, professional guidance can help avoid pitfalls, misunderstandings, and future disputes.

A lawyer’s experience can provide clarity on the specifics of the purchase, ensuring that you secure the right to live in your new home.

Can I get a mortgage to buy my park home?

Typically, high-street lenders do not offer mortgages for mobile park homes due to their specialised nature. Most park home purchases are funded through the sale of an existing property.

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Financing your park home purchase

When it comes to funding the purchase of your park home, you have three main options:

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Options for Purchasing Your Park Home

You have three methods to purchase a park home:

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Things you should know

Written Statement

A Written Statement is a crucial document when purchasing a park home. It must be provided by the site owner at least 28 days before the sale and should include essential information such as names and addresses, start date, pitch details, site owner’s legal rights, fees, and more. Failure to provide this statement can be addressed through legal channels.

Ongoing Costs

In addition to the purchase price, you’ll need to pay a pitch fee to cover park maintenance expenses, including road upkeep and services.

Park owners can only increase pitch fees with the agreement of residents or by court order if deemed reasonable.

Eviction and Council Tax

You can occupy your pitch indefinitely as long as the site owner’s legal rights are intact. Eviction can only occur under specific grounds, such as not using the park home as your main residence or breaking agreement terms. Council tax and utility bills are also applicable.

Park Home Surveys and Registration

While not mandatory, it’s advisable to have a park home surveyed to assess its condition. Park homes are not registered with the Land Registry, and no stamp duty is payable during the purchase.

Mobile Park Homes: Increased Protections

New regulations introduced in October 2021 provide increased protections for park homeowners, including a “fit and proper person” test for site owners and stronger enforcement powers for councils.

Selling Your House

We do not handle conveyancing for traditional properties but can refer you to a regulated solicitor for this purpose.

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Holiday Homes

Owning a holiday park home has its considerations. Ensure you have a written agreement with the site owner, know what’s included, and understand charges. Legal advice is recommended before buying or selling holiday park homes.

Park homes

Services for Site Operators

We offer comprehensive services to site operators, including handling various legal matters. Our experience spans large and small operators, including smaller, single-site operators and we can assist with site sales and purchases.

Regarding the sale and purchase of park businesses, our team boasts substantial experience. We collaborate closely with industry professionals to ensure the smooth execution of transactions. We offer guidance on various commercial structures through which you can acquire and manage your park business. Our specialized knowledge in this sector, coupled with our knack for devising practical solutions in challenging situations, enables us to deliver concrete outcomes when you are buying or selling a park.

Our team is dedicated to working closely with you, providing strategic advice not only during the process but also after its completion.

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