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Whether you’re an individual, a family, a trustee or a charity, we have the skills and experience to meet your needs. Our family law specialists can advise on a range of matters, from matrimonial and relationship advice to public law children advice. 

Legal Aid is also available for many family law cases. Please ask for more details.

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When you need to gain legal advice on family issues, we understand that the circumstances can often be highly emotive and stressful. Consequently at eLawyer Services we always adopt a sympathetic and understanding approach towards assisting you in resolving such matters.

However, this approach is balanced with the need to remain professional and objective; we will put your legal needs first.

Professional Support

Gaining early professional guidance is always recommended. Advice from friends and relatives, no matter how well-meaning, can create pressure and could mislead you into making a bad decision. Not only do we have the requisite technical skills, we also understand that each situation is unique and is based upon its own set of circumstances. You can rely upon us to understand your objectives and look after your interests.

Presenting Options

It is worth noting that in family and matrimonial proceedings, since neither party benefits from conflict, the emphasis these days is on negotiation rather than conflict; particularly when children are involved. Court proceedings are considered to be purely a last resort. Our aim is therefore to assist clients in reaching a timely and fair outcome during a traumatic period of their lives.

Your first interview with us will provide you with options and details of the costs associated with each issue that you may have. You can then make an informed decision on how to proceed.

We understand that no two matters are the same. One matter may require a tough-minded approach, particularly where an aggressive partner is involved; another may require a conciliatory approach. We are able to adapt accordingly to each situation.

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Matrimonial & Relationship Advice

eLawyer Services can provide the following relationship breakdown services:

We can also provide for all your relationship planning needs

Relationship Planning

We can help you with

Private Law Children advice

Where a child lives

Parental Responsibility

(Legal rights and responsibilities as a parent)

Specific Issue Orders

Who a child spends time with

Prohibited Steps Orders

Special Guardianship Orders

eLawyer Services Also Provide

Public Law Children advice

Care Proceedings

(Care Order and Supervision Order Applications)

Children in Need

Pre Proceedings Meeting

(Receipt of a “Letter Before Proceedings”)

Adoption Order Applications

Deprivation of Liberty Applications

Contact with a child in Care

Emergency Protection Order Applications

Child Protection Conferences

Placement Order Applications

Secure Accommodation Order Applications

Recovery Order Applications

Expert Family Legal Services

Personal Protection

Legal Aid is also available for many family law cases. Please ask for more details.