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It is very important that you name a personal guardian for each of your children aged under 18. The guardian(s) will be responsible for the care of your child if there are no parents available. Do NOT add your husband or wife as the guardian as they will automatically assume parental responsibility.
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Within your Will, you can make a donation to charity, and you can also gift money and personal possessions to friends and family. These are known as "Gifts" in your Will.

In this section you can specify if you would like to leave valuables and sentimental gifts to your loved ones, and/or support the charitable causes that mean the most to you.
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Your estate includes your bank account, ISAs, saving accounts, stocks and shares, and all of your possessions that you own, including your house or flat. Your estate does not include most life insurance policies or pension plans; as these are handled outside of your Will. Your property and assets are not individually named as the list would be too long and almost certainly incomplete, and it is safer not to do so as you will buy and sell possessions during your lifetime and you cannot know exactly what you will own when you die.
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Executors are the people who will be responsible for managing your estate after you die.
If you wish to appoint eLawyer Services as your executors, please note that we are independent and familiar with the probate process and used to dealing with court and tax authorities, and can also absorb legal liabilities.

If you would like to appoint your own executors, please select “No” below and you can provide details of your appointed executors.
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